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Who is your My Hero Academia kin

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    What’s your favorite color?

    • Blue as the night sky
    • White as a soul
    • Pink and shiny
    • Black!
    • Green, just a beautiful color
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    What is the most important in the character of a hero?

    • Kindness and sense of humor
    • Love for the world and animals
    • He must be a Family Man
    • Quaintness
    • Courage, strength
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    You are in a dangerous situation, you were attacked, what will you do?

    • I’ll start to fight the enemy
    • I will make friends with him
    • I will insult the enemy
    • i hide
    • I will run for help
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    what is your height

    • I will not say
    • I’m tall
    • I have an average height
    • I am short
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    What are your positive traits?

    • bravery
    • mind
    • talent
    • politeness
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    What part of the day / night do you prefer?

    • Morning
    • nightfall
    • noon
    • midnight

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