Who Is Your Bts Husband

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    Tell me, do you like this type of dress?

    • I think not a bad style
    • Just the ideal of my dress!
    • Somehow not very …
    • don’t like it at all
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    What about more subtle shades?

    • I would definitely buy myself this!
    • not bad
    • I would think …
    • No, not my style
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    What do you think about these sneakers?

    • For me exactly! Nice and practical
    • Nice and practical
    • I don’t think I would buy
    • i like something brighter
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    how do you like these boots?

    • I do not like
    • I do not know
    • It looks not bad, but is it comfortable? ..
    • I like
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    how do you like this style?

    • Absolutely not
    • Probably not bad
    • I love this
    • The best!
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    What about this one?

    • Not to my taste
    • I do not like
    • may be…
    • Very nice, I definitely like it;)

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