Which store could you open?

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    Your hobbie?

    • manicure and make-up
    • the cookery
    • creativity (drawing, playing any musical instrument)
    • I look after animals
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    what do you want to open a store for?

    • to make money of course
    • in order to do good to people
    • so that people can buy materials for doing what they love
    • to give the world beauty
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    Is it important for you that your store is aesthetically designed?

    • Certainly! beautiful interior is important
    • not necessary
    • no, the main thing is convenience and comfort
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    what character trait describes you the most?

    • perseverance
    • solicitude
    • self confidence
    • neatness
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    What is your favorite color

    • yellow
    • beige
    • blue
    • green
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    Do you love flowers?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I am allergic to them.
    • I do not know

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