Which Riverdale Character Are You?

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    There is a new murderer in Riverdale and he has kidnapped your best friend, a very close relative and your boyfriend. You can only save one

    • close relative
    • best friennd
    • boyfriend
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    What matters most to you

    • The songs you listen to, instruments, headphones… everything related to music.
    • My computer, typewriter, notebooks… everything related to writing.
    • My home, my childhood memories… anything related to family.
    • My clothes, makeup, colognes… everything related to appearance.
    • My weapons, tobacco… everything that has to do with the harmful
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    The place where you feel most comfortable

    • the forest
    • My home
    • where no one is, no one sees me.
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    Your favorite color

    • green
    • pink
    • red
    • black
    • not one
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    In what you want to be professionally

    • musician
    • actor
    • IT
    • business
    • i dont know

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