What is your House at Hogwarts?

If you don’t know which Hogwarts house you belong to. Take this Harry Potter quiz and find out.

  • Question of

    If you had to transform into a wild animal, who would it be?

    • Wolf; aggressive but loyal to his pack
    • Owl; wise and smart, but cunning and quiet
    • Wild cat; friendly, pleasant and shy and sweet
    • Fox; friendly and smart, but cunning and quick
  • Question of

    Which of these places do you like the most?

    • Forest
    • field
    • meadow
    • library
  • Question of

    Choose a character trait

    • Intelligence
    • Bravery
    • Ambition
    • Kindness
  • Question of

    What flaws in people annoy you the most?

    • Laziness
    • Cowardice
    • Stupidity
    • Dishonesty
  • Question of

    Do you trust people?

    • Of course
    • No
    • I only trust close people
    • I dont know
  • Question of

    your favorite sweetness

    • the cake
    • ice cream
    • candies
    • I don’t eat sweets

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