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What does Mikey from Tokyo revengers think about you?

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    What is your character?

    • I am smart, kind, I will always help
    • I’m cocky, narcissistic
    • I’m hot-tempered, clumsy.
    • Other
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    Your hobbie?

    • reading of books
    • Learn something new
    • Have fun with friends
    • Rest
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    do you like to be alone?

    • yes I am a loner
    • no, i like to be with friends
    • by mood sometimes yes, sometimes no
    • Do not know
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    Do you like animals ?

    • Yes very
    • no, I hate nothing good from them
    • I am indifferent to them
    • I love my pet
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    What’s your hair color

    • Black hair
    • Red hair
    • blond hair
    • brown hair
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    What is the most important thing in life?

    • a family
    • love
    • money
    • friendship

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