Quiz: Which Anime would you live in?

After passing this quiz, you can find out which anime is right for you and in which world you will fit perfectly

  • Question of

    What clothes do you like best?

    • regular casual clothes
    • white pants and a blouse of the same color, belts
    • school uniform
    • fluffy dress, expensive jewelry, shoes
    • shorts and a T-shirt
    • pajamas
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    what do you do in your free time

    • Walking with friends
    • train / play sports
    • read books
    • having a tea party with my friends
    • resting / other
    • I listen to music
  • Question of

    Do you want to have supernatural powers

    • of course it’s so cool !!!
    • no, what nonsense ?!
    • sooner yes than no
    • rather no than yes
    • I dont know
    • I need to think
  • Question of

    What is the most important thing in your life?

    • friends, family
    • revenge, I won’t die until I get revenge
    • My other half
    • my social status
    • victory
    • fun
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    What food / drink do you prefer?

    • non-alcoholic drinks, meat, fish
    • I eat everything
    • burgers
    • ramen
    • expensive gourmet meals
    • expensive food
    • soup
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    What are the activities you enjoy the most?

    • adventures together with friends
    • participate in various battles
    • search for criminals / investigate murders
    • just spending time with friends / loved one
    • alone and read a book
    • have a walk in the forest

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